Thursday, 18 September 2014

Some Past Lessons

A Painting & Drawing Lesson. Hot Glue Gun outlines with chalk pastel. This was a colour theory lesson.
I read Why Is Blue Dog Blue and encouraged my students to use as many vibrant colours as possible.
We talked about warm and cool colours and what they look like when they are placed together.
This was a great lesson for passing on the idea of using any colour you wish
when creating not just the colours you see.

A Painting And Drawing Lesson. Oil pastel and watercolours. A portrait lesson
based on David Hockney. I got the idea for this lesson over at Deep Space Sparkle and at
It's an HSES Arty Party. I focused more on portraiture, facial proportions bright solid
colour application with the oil pastel. For the effect of light waves under water we drew
ripples and wavy lines with white oil pastel over top of our figure before
using watercolour washes in blues and greens.

Art Exploration Collage and Mixed Media. Another
arm and Cool Temperature lesson with the added
bonus of creating space and perspective using size
and placement. Students were encouraged
to draw a landscape, then an outline for their two
balloons, one larger than the other.
Using painted papers and paint chips students filled
one balloon with cool colours and the other with
warm. For a story we read Sally's Great Balloon Adventure

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